Connecticut Technical Education and Career System’s Automotive Technology course breakdown by grade. Each student is required to complete four years of a Career Technical Education program.

  • A.I. Prince Tech Automotive Technology Program focuses on training students how to diagnose, service & repair today’s vehicles.
  • The curriculum is aligned with the ASE Education Foundation Standards. ASE is the industry recognized certification association for professional automotive technicians.
  • Students are taught by ASE Certified Master Technicians in a real world licensed repair facility.
  • We offer industry recognized certifications in conjunction with state of the art diagnostic tools and equipment.
  • Career Opportunities in the automotive industry are vast and expanding rapidly with the new vehicle technology boom.
  • Students become eligible for Work Based Learning after successfully completing two years of study within the program.
  • Graduates will be able to pursue a career in the automotive and transportation related industries.
  • Students are also prepared for continuing education in either a two-year or a four-year degree or post-secondary education.
  • Students electing to immediately enter the workforce typically acquire positions in automobile service & repair, parts, customer service, estimating, sales & finance, entrepreneurship & more.
  • For more information, please reach out to our career counselors.  

All Grade 9 students go through the Exploratory Program. Students deciding to enter the Automotive Technology field will in Grade 9 be introduced to the basics of safety, equipment identification and use, engine operation, construction and components, vehicle maintenance, and shop operation. This course allows students to experience a variety of automotive practices through demonstrations and instruction. Students learn of the varied careers available within the automotive industry. Engine design and construction are discussed and studied. Students will receive experience with engine mechanical repairs and diagnosis. All eight areas of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician Service certification are covered in the four-year course of study. Technology-related mathematics, reading, writing, and science are integrated throughout the curriculum.

In Grade 10, students start with a refresher on shop safety and hand-tool use. Major areas covered include engine mechanical systems, vehicle electrical and electronic systems and brake systems. Students receive instruction in operation and then practice diagnosis and repair with general electrical, battery, starting and charging systems. The hydraulic system, Drum and Disc Brakes systems design, power assist units, and Anti-lock Brakes systems (ABS) and traction control systems are covered. Specific applications and repairs are discussed, explored and practiced. Students continue to receive instruction in safety requirements and demonstrate sound safety practices. Technology-related mathematics, reading, writing, vocabulary, blueprint reading and science are integrated throughout the curriculum.