It’s important to give students a chance to interact outside of the classroom and extracurricular activities and organizations are a great way to do that. A.I. Prince Technical High School has a wide range of options including everything from student council and National Honor Society to poetry and hiking club.

***For any inactive club or activity, it is possible for any student to bring that club or activity back to life.

Art Club
Art can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Come down to the art room and work on a current project or try something new. Either way, relax and make art in a chill environment. Some of us may even do a little yoga in between brush strokes and throwing on the pottery wheel.

Animation (Anime) Club
The Animation/Anime Club meets every Thursday after school from 2:30 to 4:30 in room C108 (Mrs. Wright’s Art room). Three students, Chris Gonzales, Juan Reyes and Chasetty Caez started the club in 2013 in order to share their enthusiasm for Anime. It continues to be student-centered and led, diverse and inclusive. Weekly meetings include games, contests and watching Anime videos that are chosen by a democratic vote. The group has also run and sponsored the school’s first Alterna Dance, a film viewing and a video game event.

Bowling Club
The Bowling Club is an extracurricular activity that promotes lifetime activities and new friendships. Advised by Chef Collier and Mrs. Boodley, students learn to respect the game, become physically fit and make interdisciplinary connections with their program of study. The Bowling Club promotes school climate and integrates students into their broader community. Once a year the C.I.A.C. hosts a statewide bowling tournament.

Camp Anne Alliance
The Camp Anne Alliance is a partnership between Prince Tech and AHRC NYC, a human services agency in New York City, which operates Camp Anne in Ancramdale, NY. The camp provides recreational programming for clients with physical and developmental disabilities. Mr. Keoppen facilitates recruitment of Prince Tech students for employment at Camp Anne with the director of camping and recreation who visits Prince Tech to conduct interviews and hires approximately two Prince Tech students a season for summer counseling positions. The Camp Anne Alliance has been running successfully for several years and grows each year.

Capital Workforce Partners Career Connection
This club aims to provide high school juniors and seniors meaningful exposure to the private sector workplace through a number of high-touch initiatives such as career exploration days, job shadowing opportunities, field trips and company tours as well as internships and pre-apprenticeships.

CT Youth Forum
The Connecticut YOUTH Forum (YF) is a community outreach program through the non-profit organization, The Connecticut Forum. For the past 21 years, the YF has provided opportunities for teens to connect with other teens from different towns and ethnic and racial groups around issues that they care about.

Craft Club
Students will have the opportunity to work on various craft projects throughout the year. Many crafts are donated to various charitable organizations.

Dance Troupe
The Dance Troupe at Prince Tech is a multicultural dance group, which shares the richness of diversity and cultural traditions through costume and music. Advised by Mrs. Shaw, students perform dances from around the globe and have performed at civic programs, community centers, schools and across the State of Connecticut.

Digital Book Club
The Prince Tech Digital Book Club elevates the awareness and existence of different book genres, and promotes them to our student population.

Drama Club
Drama Club offers an exciting opportunity to learn about theatre production.  The club is geared towards students who have an interest in acting and the arts. Mrs. Gonzales and Mrs. Fauteux have more details on the Drama Club.

Drill and Step Team
Stepping has its beginnings in the early African American slave community as a means of communication and keeping hold of traditional aspects of the denied culture. It served mainly as a link back to African tribal dance, which in many areas was prohibited. Call-and-response folk songs helped the slaves to survive culturally and to spread word about important matters, such as the Underground Railroad. Several generations later, black World War II veterans added in a military march theme to the sounds, while Motown grooves and hip-hop energy added more entertainment and increased the appeal of the art form.

Ecos is the environmental club at Prince Tech. It is composed of students who are interested in nature and the environment. Activities include tree and nature walks, environmental cleanup, beautification and gardening, as well as initiatives to better the environment such as Playing for Parks, tree planting, recycling, composting and education. Students have planted hundreds of bulbs, grown starter vegetables for senior citizens and participated in conferences.

Falcon Fitness Club
This club is open to all students and staff. Our goal is health and wellbeing. This is a fun activity for all, not just those that want to lose weight. It is a school bonding experience through healthy activities. You can participate in the activities, share recipes and take advantage of a variety of services in our health clinic.

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is made up of students of all backgrounds regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Their goal is to support each other, spread the idea of acceptance and help to create a safe community at A.I. Prince Tech for all students.

Hartbeat Youth Ensemble
HartBeat Ensemble creates provocative theater that connects our community beyond the traditional barriers of class, race, geography and gender. Through conflict resolution workshops and play-building residencies, participants learn to express their joy and air their grievances creatively.

Hiking Club
The Higher Ground Hiking Club at Prince Tech is an extracurricular activity that promotes life-long healthy habits. Advised by Mr. Keoppen and Mr. Negrelli, Higher Ground goes on fall and spring hikes to nature trails around several of central Connecticut’s scenic destinations. Students learn to respect nature, become physically fit and make interdisciplinary connections with their programs of study. It also promotes school climate and integrates students into their broader community.

Prince Tech Intramurals is an extra-curricular activity that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment and organizing skills for all our students. All students are encouraged to participate in intramural sports. We offer a wide range of activities. Students can participate in strength and conditioning, aerobics, walking and running clubs, basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball and bowling. The activities may vary from year to year depending on the needs and interests of our student body.

National Honor Society
The National Honor Society, advised by Mrs Ragali, is an organization promoting recognition for students with outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service.

Outward Bound
Outward Bound is the leading experiential education organization in the United States, with a national network of regional schools across the country. Our wide-ranging course offerings occur in the wilderness, on the sea and in the classroom, in cities and towns both close and far away. Our programs prepare students of all ages and circumstances with the strength of character and determination they need to thrive – in the classroom, in the workplace, in the family and in the world.

Poetry Club
Poetry Club provides students with the opportunity to express feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Students will have an opportunity to attend poetry workshops throughout the state. Students will also perform in the Hartford Poetry Slam Competition.

Senior Mentors
Senior Mentors are a select group of students who are nominated by their teachers to represent Prince Tech values and work with other students both academically and socially. Advised by Tonisha Jones, two senior mentors are assigned to each freshman homeroom for the school year. They do ice breakers and bullying workshops, work with underclassmen in shops and in academics as well as accompany the freshman on their Pine Lake field trip. They receive leadership and diversity training through EastConn’s MOSAIC grant.

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Student Council
The Student Council represents the voice of the students in the democratic management of student affairs at A.I. Prince Technical High School. Advised by Mrs. Vermeersch, Student Council is the organization through which the administration, faculty and staff as well as the student body cooperate in addressing the concerns of the school.

Student Leadership Program
The Student Leadership Program is an afterschool program where students focus on creating awareness about school-wide climate and diversity issues and solutions. They participate in diversity training and team-building activities at Eastern Connecticut State University with students from Ellis and Windham Tech.

Ski and Snowboarding Club
The Ski and Snowboarding Club is an extra-curricular activity that promotes winter recreation. Advised by Mr. Negrelli, Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Stevens, The Prince Tech Ski and Snowboard Club goes weekly in January and February to Ski Sundown in New Hartford, CT. Students learn respect for the outdoor winter environment, become physically fit and make interdisciplinary connections with their programs of study.