It’s important to give students a chance to interact outside of the classroom and extracurricular activities and organizations are a great way to do that. A.I. Prince Technical High School has a wide range of options including everything from student council and National Honor Society to poetry and hiking club.

***For any inactive club or activity, it is possible for any student to bring that club or activity back to life.

Dance Troupe
The Dance Troupe at Prince Tech is a multicultural dance group, which shares the richness of diversity and cultural traditions through costume and music. Advised by Mrs. Shaw, students perform dances from around the globe and have performed at civic programs, community centers, schools and across the State of Connecticut.

National Honor Society
The National Honor Society, advised by Mrs Ragali, is an organization promoting recognition for students with outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership and service.

Senior Mentors
Senior Mentors are a select group of students who are nominated by their teachers to represent Prince Tech values and work with other students both academically and socially. Advised by Tonisha Jones, two senior mentors are assigned to each freshman homeroom for the school year. They do ice breakers and bullying workshops, work with underclassmen in shops and in academics as well as accompany the freshman on their Pine Lake field trip. They receive leadership and diversity training through EastConn’s MOSAIC grant.

Come use your club time to practice and prepare for the SkillsUSA competition. Interested in competing in Skills for the first time? See Miss Mandeville in the media center and Check out

Student Council
The Student Council represents the voice of the students in the democratic management of student affairs at A.I. Prince Technical High School. Advised by Mrs. Piccioli, Student Council is the organization through which the administration, faculty and staff as well as the student body cooperate in addressing the concerns of the school.