Connecticut Technical Education and Career System’s Elective course breakdown by program.

  • Foundations of Art (FA614, FA615)

  • Drawing (FA634)

  • 2-D Design (FA610, FA611)

  • 3-D Design (FA620, FA621)

  • Painting (FA655, FA656)

  • Studio Art (FA659, FA660)

  • Trade Art (FA665, FA667)

  • Advanced Art (FA631)

  • Drawing I – UCONN (FA710)

  • Computer Applications I (TC619)

  • Computer Applications II (TC620)

  • Computer Applications III (TC625)

  • Computer Applications IV (TC626)

  • Creative and Nonfiction Writing (EN450) (EN451)*

  • Literature of Our Lifetime (EN452) (EN453)*

  • Mythology, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Literature (EN454) (EN455)*

  • Reading Literature through the Ages (EN456) (EN457)*

  • Advanced Composition, News and Media (EN458) (EN459)*

  • Comparative Literature, Film and Media (EN440) (EN441)*

  • Intro to Academic Writing – UCONN (EN601)*

  • Seminar in Academic Writing – UCONN (EN608)*

  • Seminar in Writing through Literature – UCONN (EN609)*

  • Music Applications (MU670, MU672)

  • Concert Band (MU601-MU611)

  • Concert Choir (MU617-MU627)

  • Introduction to Guitar and Advanced Guitar (MU646, MU649)

  • Introduction to Drumline, Advanced Drumline, Drumline II, Drumline III, Drumline IV (MU660, MU661, MU760, MU662, MU663, MU687)

  • Music Appreciation (MU665, MU666)

  • Piano (MU680, MU681)

  • Drumline/Piano (MU684)

  • Voice Class (MU634, MU635)

  • Advanced Music Independent Study  (MU690, MU691)

  • Music Therapy I, II (MU761, MU 762)

  • Electronic Music I, II (MU763, MU 764)

  • Advanced Fitness and Wellness (PE610-PE612)

  • Body Sculpting (PE620)

  • Strength and Conditioning (PE630)

  • Fun, Food and Fitness (PE640, PE641)

  • Lifetime Activities (PE650, PE651)

  • Three American Wars (SS686)

  • Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights (SS710)

  • Academic Access (SD500)

  • Student Leadership (SD123, SD124, SD130)

  • Foundations of Italian (FL130, FL131)

  • Foundations of Spanish (FL110, FL111)

  • Conversational Italian (FL132, FL133)

  • Conversational Spanish (FL112, FL113)

  • Environmental Science (SC659)

  • General Physics (SC655)

  • Seminar in Academic Writing (EN608)

  • Seminar in American Studies (SS716)

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