The counseling staff assists students in developing a realistic appraisal of their abilities, achievements, interests and values. To help in career choices the counseling department maintains a library of catalogs and technical information including post-secondary education opportunities through the baccalaureate level.


Director of Counseling and Admissions
Lisa Higgins
(860) 257-5123

Grade 12
Nicole Wells
(860) 951-7112 ext. 5313

Grade 11
Elisabeth DeJoseph
(860) 951-7112 ext. 5042

Grade 10
Mary Jane Bezares
(860) 951-7112 ext. 5119

Grade 9
Brian West
(860) 9851-7112 ext. 5035

Intern- Allyson Oatley

Office Assistant
Heather Muirhead
(860) 9851-7112 ext. 5044

School Social Worker
Tonisha Jones
(860) 951-7112 ext. 5031

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