SkillsUSA is a United States career and technical student organization serving more than 320,000 high school, college and professional students enrolled in training programs in technical, skilled and service occupations. This leadership group serves as ambassadors for the school as well as participating in local, regional, state and national competition. The Skills Chapter at Prince prides itself on its history of service to the school and the community.


August School start, plans and committee formation

September 19, 2018     Open House Planning

October 17, 2018    Plans for training for ambassadors, community efforts, Family Engagement events

November 14, 2018     Testing updates, practice test announcements

December 19, 2018     Planning and preparation for competition, calendar for testing

January 16, 2019     Regionals preparation, test reminders, plans for inclement weather

February 6, 2019     Regionals

February 14, 2019     House of Delegates

February 20, 2019    Updates, review Regionals results, House of Delegates, and prepare for Governor’s visit

March 13, 2019     Updates, expectations, job assignments for State Competition

March 29, 2019     State Competition

April 24, 2019     Plans for uniform pickup/delivery, freshman orientation, Evening of the Arts

May 22, 2019     Plans for next year, closeout

June 5, 2019     Paperwork