Levels: Varsity and JV

Game sites: University of Hartford High School

Start times: 3:30 p.m.

The boys soccer team competes in the Constitution State Conference. They host several home games at University of Hartford High School each year. They also travel throughout the state and culminate their season with play in the C.I.A.C State Tournament.

2014 – CSC Division Champions
2014 – CSC League Champions
1993 –  CVTC Division Champions
1993 –  CVTC League Champions
1996 –  CVTC League Champions
1997 –  CVTC League Champions
1998 –  CVTC League Champions
2004 –  CSC Division Champions
2005 – CSC Division Champions

1976 – Aldo Signorello
1996 – Lez McKenzie
1998 – Bertrand Edwards
2004 – Sal Marino
2014 – Eroz Mesias

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